Luke Hadley (Invincible)

Published on 16 May 2022 / In Comedy

Luke Hadley (Invincible) <a class="link" rel="nofollow" href=""></a> DVLH Backyard wrestling is a loose term used to describe the controversial practice of professional wrestling as performed by untrained fans in an unsanctioned, non-professional environment. Backyard wrestling is a title applied to home filmed and produced professional wrestling shows, videos, or events carried out by untrained athletes, mostly comprised of American males between the ages of 16 and 30. In the years since its formation, Backyard wrestling has developed into an underground scene, where federations often produce, trade and distribute their videos via Internet, and other wrestling publications. Though backyard wrestling was not unheard of prior to the 1990s, the modern backyard wrestling "craze" lasted from roughly 1996 to 2001, during a time when televised professional wrestling was enjoying a period of unparalleled popularity Many of those who practice it embrace a style that emphasizes risky high spots (which can involve diving or taking bumps from rooftops or ladders) and the liberal use of weapons in matches. These may include thumbtacks, barbed wire, tables, plywood, fire, glass, and fluorescent lamps. Even among participants who shy away from this, there still is a considerable level of inherent risk involved. Many professional wrestling holds require extensive training to perform correctly and safely, which few backyard wrestlers have received. These and other concerns are at the heart of the controversy surrounding the practice. Backyard wrestling is so-called because it is often literally performed in yards, though most any location can host a backyard wrestling match, including parks, garages, playgrounds, vacant lots, warehouses, barns, and school gyms. It is common for backyard professional wrestling promotions, or "feds," to construct their own homemade wrestling rings.

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