Luke Hadley hurricanrana

Published on 16 May 2022 / In Comedy

Luke Hadley's Hurricanrana. Hardcore extreme underground wrestling Aerial techniques are used in professional wrestling to show off the speed and agility of a wrestler. These moves are mainly done by smaller quicker wrestlers who are unable to do most of the power moves. There is a wide variety of aerial techniques in pro wrestling. Many moves are known by several different names. Professional wrestlers frequently give their "finishers" (signature moves that usually result in a win) new names. Occasionally these names become popular and are used regardless of the wrestler performing the technique. DVLH Due to injuries being caused by these high risk moves, many promotions ban the use of some maneuvers, or at least tell wrestlers to "tone down" their use. During 2005, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) allegedly banned the use of the 450° splash and shooting star press for fear of injury.[citation needed] However, WWE commentator and former executive Jim Ross stated in 2006 that he was unaware of such a policy Frankensteiner This is a headscissors takedown executed on an opponent sitting on the top turnbuckle. The name Frankensteiner comes from Scott Steiner, who popularized the move.[6] Steiner also used a variation where the opponent wasn't seated on the top turnbuckle, which is also called frankensteiner. A handstand variation can also be used. With the opponent seated on the top turnbuckle facing the ring, the wrestler performs a handstand on the bottom turnbuckle, wrapping their shins or feet around the neck of the opponent. They then bend their legs forward towards the ring, pulling the opponent over and flipping them down to the mat onto their back. This variation was popularized by Trish Stratus who called the move the StratusFear.

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