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How To Make $150 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE With NO Website!

Published on 23 Jul 2021 / In How-to & Style

Use this to make money online for free with no website. No fancy website needed!
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If you want to try make money online you usually need to have cash set aside to get started. I've done this tutorial to show you how you can make $150 a day online without needing a website or money and you can be a beginner.

Alright, you might no earn every single day but you can earn money online if you put in the work and stick to it. If you want to know how you can make money online then, I will show you how to do it in this free tutorial.

The first step you need to do is find a product to promote. You can find products to promote from Clickbank and this is called affiliate marketing. The product i found in this video you can make over $100 a day with it. You make money from the internet when someone purchases that product. You get a commission usually 50%. Clickbank is the best place in 2020 to find products to earn cash from for beginners.

When you have found a product to make money from then head over to facebook for your traffic. You wan't to create a facebook group and build it up. Once you have built it up by adding value then you can make money from it.

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*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only. Im also not a financial advisor.

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Elayne Brown
Elayne Brown 1 year ago

If you've lost money in the past. This will work! You can get started for $69/mo and we will pay for your advertising campaign, it truly is a no-brainer. Plus there is a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

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Elayne Brown
Elayne Brown 1 year ago

LAV Label
February 24, 2022
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STEP 2 Choose if you'd like the company to pay for your first advertising campaign or you want to

pay for it yourself.


If you choose for the company to pay for your advertising campaign, the company will spend $200 to advertise for you. LAV guarantees that 3 new members will join your team every month for 3 months straight! If the company covers your advertising fee, you must pay back $300 once you start earning a profit. You can pay it back in installments as low as $50.

With this option alone you can earn $200 or more per month EVERY month by month 3 or 4.

Remember, you get paid 2 levels deep!



If you are going to order your own advertising campaign, we suggest you order it at the same time you enroll. This way you can jumpstart your profits. When prospects start calling, we will close all your sales for you.


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*By your 3rd or 4th month, without you paying to advertise and without buying a Product Box


If you choose the $69/mo plan and purchase the Product Box for an additional $198.50 you can earn an income of $700+ per month*

Earn $20 EVERLY month from every person that signs up under you for $69

Also earn $10 EVERY month form your 2nd level downline

Earn $40 EVERY time your downline purchases a Product Box for $198.50

Also earn $20 EVERY time your 2nd level downline purchases a Product Box

3-4 new members per month for 3 months guaranteed!

*By your 3rd or 4th month without you paying to advertise, but you must purchase a Product Box.


This option represents how quickly your team and profits can grow if you purchase an additional advertising campaign

If you purchase a $500 advertising package, we guarantee 4 to 7 members will join your team EVERY month for 3 months. By month 3, you can earn $1,000/mo every month*

If you purchase a $1,000 advertising package, we guarantee 8-15 members will join your team EVERY

month for 3 months. By month3, you can earn $2,000/mo every month*

If you purchase a $2,000 advertising package, we guarantee 16-25 members will join your team EVERY month for 3 months. By month 3, you can earn $4,000/mo every moth*

If you purchase a $5,000 advertising package, we guarantee 26-50 members will join your team EVERY month for 3 months. By month 3, you can earn $10,000/mo every month*

We do your advertising for you, so it is INCREDIBLY EASY for you to succeed! Due to the low cost to join and no required advertising fees, the join rate is a constant 2-3%. Rates are actually more in the 4% range, but we will be conservative and use 2-3%

*By your 3rd or 4th month as long as you also purchase a Product Box.

The company does all the work, and everyone earns money!


1) $20 from the basic subscription fee of every 1st level downline every month

2) $10 from the basic subscription fee of every 2nd level downline every month

3) 90% Profits from retail purchases when a customer shops products on your site that we create for you

4) If you purchase a Product Box for $198.50 it unlocks a 4th and 5th income stream. You'll earn $40 from product boxes purchases of everyone on your 1st level downline. Earn $100 instead of $40 if you unlock the Fast Start Bonus!

5) You'll earn $20 from product boxes purchases for everyone on your 2nd level downline

You will also receive an online store.

LAV takes away all the barriers that typically come with online business ownership. Our proprietary software will set up an online store for you and stock it with our LAV products. Our marketing software is finding your customers and selling to them for you automatically. AND our support team is shipping your orders from our warehouse in Chicago. Oh! We also handle all the customer service. I guarantee you've never had access to a software like this EVER before. You have access to it right now for just $69/month.

For all the details go to: https://www.lavlable.com/pop

3 ways to join


Call 312-900-8015


Visit www.LAVlabel.com/pop


Mail in this completed form

Choose your products so you know how much to send:

( ) REQUIRED: $69 Enrollment Fee (usually there is a $50 one-time setup fee, but it is waived if you join within 48 hours)

( ) OPTIONAL: $198.50 I'd like to add on the Product Box because it triples my income!

( ) OPTIONAL: I also want to order my advertising so I can get into profit right away!

----- I'd like the company to pay for my first advertising campaign (I understand the company will pay $200 upfront for my advertising. I will be charged a $100 finance fee. I will pay the company back once I start earning a profit.)

----- I am enclosing an additional $200 to pay for my advertising package myself

----- I'd like to add a $500 advertising package

----- I'd like to add a $1,000 advertising package

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----- I'd like to add a $5,000 advertising package

Name ____________________________________________________Date _______________


City ____________________________________State______________Zip________________

Phone ________________________________Mobil Phone_____________________________


Sponsor/Referrer ID# 816546

Mail cash, check, or money order made payable to LAV LABEL

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days to clear and will delay LAV LABEL Suite 2100 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

your enrollment Chicago, IL 60601 Mail your payment here or sign

up over the phone or online

Phone: 312-900-8015 Email: [email protected] Chat with us: www.LAVLABEL.com

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Here's Some Motivation

We have a member who enrolled and let the company finance her $200 advertising campaign. LAV advertised for her and Bill joined. Bill purchased a $10,000 advertising campaign and had over 200 members on his team by the 4th month. She earned $10 from each of them in addition to what she earned from her 1st level downline. This happened to her and all she invested was $69 per month.

You can be in total control of growing your income. Imagine how much Bill makes. He's the one that spent the $10,000 and he gets $20 per month from 200 1st level members ($4,000), plus $40 per month from at least 100 Product Box sales ($4,000). Plus he receives $10 from 2nd level downline members, and $20 from 2nd level Product Box purchases. Bill earns over $10,000 EVERY month (and growing) from a one-time $10,000 advertising investment. You don't have to be a business guru or a mathematician to know that this is a no brainer.

Even if your team grows slowly and decide you only want to pay your $69 subscription fee, and therefore you only profit $100-$200 bucks per month...why would you quit or complain? You're earning a profit for doing absolutely nothing. And your team is only growing slowly because you haven't invested more to advertise. You are in total control of how fast or slow your team will grow.

When you purchase an advertising package you are guaranteed to get team members every month for 3 months. The income you earn during that 3 months will continue every month of course. Even if you never advertise again, your income does not stop.

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Elayne Brown
Elayne Brown 1 year ago

Join LAV and MONTH 1 - you spend $69, earn $20-$100, MONTH 2 - you spend $69, earn $60-180 (this is bare minimum because I am not including what you may earn from your second level downline) MONTH 3 - you spend $69, earn $200 or more (I'm not including profit you will earn from you second level downline) MONTH 4 AND ONWARDS - your income continues to grow without any additional effort on your part. For all the details, visit https://lav816546.blogspot.com

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Elayne Brown
Elayne Brown 1 year ago

We have members who earn oner $3,000 per month without doing anything other than pay $69 to join and let the company finance their advertising. The company does the advertising for you. Check it out at:

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mustafa3bushara 2 years ago

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